FDR Lodge 613 Knights of Pythias

Associated Health Foundation ("AHF")

Although we may be healthy now, we take precautions to protect ourselves against possible health problems. AHF can and should be part of your protection package.

AHF membership benefits include dental referral service, prostate screening exams specially priced at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, hearing tests and hearing aids at discount prices, maintenance prescription drugs at discount prices, eyeglass service and examinations at discount prices, walkers, wheelchairs, collars, crutches & canes, laboratory testing including free SMA profile, emergency ambulance service (varying with membership level), and more.

For specifics on any of these services, call AHF at (516) 739-9500 or from outside NYC (800) 722-8668.

For all AHF members who reside in Florida, detailing of benefits for our Florida brothers gets mailed to direct from AHF.

All AHF members in good stranding benefit from our long term association with facilities such as North Shore LIJ Health System, Deborah Hospital Foundation, Brookdale Hospital, Calvary Hospital, and others. Should you need rapid admission to any of these facilities, AHF makes a difference.

From time to time some Pythians say, "Who needs AHF, because I got this terrific HMO?"

Let AHF tell you what it has done. A national HMO, a Pythian Lodge, and several not-for-profit organizations could not help a Florida Pythian couple place their son in a specialized medical institution to save his life. Immediate help was needed, and the life-saving time element measured a day or two. In about 12 hours after the call was made to AHF, an ambulance medical team from Deborah Hospital picked up the son, sped him to their hospital, and life-saving treatment began immediately with success.

AHF offers exclusive entree to urgent medical treatment where we may not depend on our health insurer.

If you do not already belong, join now.

The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31 and you must be a currently active member of AHF to receive its benefits.

Membership is $18/ BASIC, $25/SILVER, $40/BRONZE and $60 for GOLD.

Call AHF at (516) 739-9500 or from outside NYC (800) 722-8668 more information.

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