FDR Lodge 613 Knights of Pythias

Contact FDR Lodge 613 Knights of Pythias

By mail or in-person:
FDR Lodge 613 Knights of Pythias
PO Box 135
Glen Oaks, NY 11004

By telephone:
(718) 343-6779

By email:
Email FDR's Lodge Secretary.

PLEASE Note: In case of death please contact Cemetery Chair Lewis Smith via Email or call (718) 633-0400 (Also contact Lewis concerning grave reservations and cemetery issues.).

If you would like to submit items for inclusion or give us your comments, opinions or suggestions or if you have any concerns please e-mail Corey Bearak at Bearak@me.com. You must include name, address, and phone number.

Material submitted for Pythian News or other submissions for this website must conform to these format guidelines:

Please use normal fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial. All text submitted will be converted to Arial.

Use normal case. Do not send ALL UPPER CASE or all lower case text.

Only typed email copy is acceptable. Do not send text as a hard copy or an image such as in a scan.

If you are sending a Microsoft Word document containing images you must submit/attach the images separately as a jpeg or png.

All submissions MUST include your name, address, phone number and email address.

All images MUST include a caption, story etc. Please use spell check and make sure titles and names are correct.

We reserve the right to decide which copy to print and when.

The editors and FDR Lodge do not vouch for the accuracy or the validity of any articles that may be published.

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