FDR Lodge 613 Knights of Pythias

FDR Lodge Officers 2016-2017

Chancellor Commander PC Howard Lax

PC Howard Lax is a long-time member. (Come back for more information and pic).

Vice Chancellor Prelate Ira Spiegel

PC Ira Spiegel previously served as Chancellor Commander and President of the Kings FDR Tolerance Foundation (current Vice President). He is a CPA with Eisner. (Come back for more information and pic).

Secretary Corey Bearak

CGTrib Corey Bearak has served seven years as FDR Secretary; he also serves FDR as a Past Chancellor, Editor of its newsletter, The Beam and as a member of the boards of its affiliated Benevolent Association and Foundation(current Vice President). He currently serves Grand Lodge as a Chief Grand Tribune (member of a panel that moderates legal issues within the order originally appointed a Grand Tribune by then Grand Chancellor Robert Kaufman).

He serves Grand Lodge as Executive Secretary to the Grand Chancellor Randy Silverman, webmaster and co-editor of Pythian Knight magazine.
He served as co-chair of the Technology Committee, co-editor of Pythian Knight magazine for Supreme Chancellors David Stanger and Phil Feigel
He served as co-chair of the Technology Committee, co-editor of Pythian Knight magazine for Supreme Chancellor Steve Kohn under whom he revised and updated the KOPNY.com Grand Lodge website as KnightoPythiasNewYorkGrandLodge.com.
In 2012-13, Corey served as Executive Secretary to the Grand Chancellor Craig Shink and Chair of the Technology Committee.
In 2011-12, he served as an Assistant to the Chief Deputy Grand Chancellor, Executive Secretary to the Grand Chancellor and co-Chair of the Technology Committee under GC Robert Kaufman. He has also served as member of the Youth Commission.
FDR Lodge #613, honored Corey with Life Membership in 2012. In 2011, Corey earned the Supreme Chancellor's Certificate of Honor for volunteer service in the community. In 2007, the Knights of Pythias presented Corey a Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Service within the Pythian Order, and awards for Excellence in Journalism and Fraternalism (2006-2007) and as Man of the Year, Order Knights of Pythias, Grand Lodge Domain of New York.
As a Government and Public Affairs Counsel,Corey provides strategic political counseling -- Public Policy and Government Affairs, Political Consulting and Strategic Campaign Management, Media and Public Affairs -- for public officials, government and community agencies, unions, institutions, private firms, individuals, and political candidates.

Financial Secretary PC Dean Mamet

Treasurer SC Sir Alan Krell

Sir Alan Krell serves as Supreme Chancellor after completing terms as Supreme Vice Chancellor and Supreme Prelate and served Grand Lodge as its Grand Treasurer for several terms.

Prelate PC PDSC Craig Shink

Master At Works PDGC Arthur Peckerman PGC Robert Kaufman

PDGC Arthur Peckerman most recently served as Vice Chancellor and serving his second stint as chancellor commander. He runs our annual Atlantic City Bus trip. (Come back for more information and pic).

Master at Arms GMA Michael Kerner

Michael Kerner Joined The Knights of Pythias 54 years ago, as he was brought in by his father Harry Kerner. Mike is married 54 years to Phyllis, "the most Wonderful woman in the world" and they have two amazing grown sons, Stuart and David, both also Pythians for many years, and four wonderful grandchildren. Mike had his own garment factory in midtown Manhattan for 30 years and employed 15 people. He now is employed by the New York City Police Department as a Traffic Enforcement Agent. His life's blood is his Family First and the Pythian Order. Mike believes in our Order and what it stands for: Friendship, Charity and Benevolence. He was Chancellor Commander of his various lodges three different times. His is now a member of Majestic Lodge 109 and served as PDGC of the 46th District and 52nd District; he is currently Master at Arms for FDR Lodge 613 where Mike is a dual member. Mike has worked very hard for the Pythian Order all his life and believes in its Motto, "We Help People" through love and charity..

Inner Guard Ben Hermanr


Outer Guard Jeff Smaller(watch for more details

Other Notable FDR Members

Supreme Treasurer Alan Ast

Alan Ast is a certified public accountant and has been providing accounting services as a sole practitioner for the past thirty years. Alan is married to Caryn and they have two daughters, Samantha and Rebecca.
Alan's Pythian career began in 1986 at New City Lodge at Caryn's urging. From the onset, Alan took an active role in committee and ritual work at New City Lodge culminating with his election as Chancellor Commander.
Alan has served the Grand Lodge in many capacities. Alan has served as a member of the Grand Lodge ritual team. Alan served as a Deputy Grand Chancellor at Large for Joseph Freidman and as an Assistant to the Chief Deputy for Sir Morton Hirsh. He has also served as a member of the Grand Lodge finance committee from 1995 to 2001. During 2001, Alan became the Grand Lodge finance chair, a position he held until the 2004 Grand Lodge Convention.
Alan was elected Grand Treasurer of the Domain of New York at the 2004 Grand Lodge Convention and has served as your Grand Treasurer for these past eight years. As Grand Treasurer, Alan is responsible for overseeing the financial affairs for The Grand Lodge accounts, The Humanitarian Fund accounts, The Diabetes Research Association accounts, The Pythian Camp's accounts, the accounts of the Morris Smoller Social Services Fund and The Grand Lodge Scholarship Fund investment portfolio.

Chief Deputy Supreme Chancellor Robert Kaufman

CDSC Robert (Bob) Kaufman has been a Pythian since 1968, but did not become active until he became an officer in FDR Lodge in the late 1980's. He served 3 previous terms as Chancellor Commander. He was active on most committees as well as the Foundation and Benevolent Association.
Bob was made a Deputy-at-Large by G.C. Joel Bergenfeld, and served as an Assistant to the Chief for G.C. Larry Hoffman. At the 2006 Convention, was elected as Grand Outer Guard.
Bob has served on most Grand Lodge committees (Sports, Diabetes, Humanitarian, Camp, Planning, etc.). At present he is co-chair of the Humanitarian Committee under the leadership of G.C. Jerry Bernzweig.
With his co-chair PGC Allan Greenberg, they started the Annual Golf Outing at Riis Park, which in five years has donated $95,000 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
Bob and his wife Renae recently celebrated their 45th anniversary. They have two daughters; Jodi who is married to Peter and Jill who is married to Stephen. They have four grandsons, Brandon, Matthew, Zachary and Spencer, and another grandchild due in October 2013.

Deputy Supreme Chancellor Craig Shink

DSC Craig Shink is a Past Chancellor Commander of FDR Lodge #613. He has served as Chairman and/or as a Member of Every Committee of the Lodge, serves on the Board of Directors of Kings FDR Tolerance Foundation, the Lodge's Charitable Affiliate for over 15 years and has served as its President twice, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Bayview Nemo Benevolent Association and is currently its First Vice President, and he serves on the Board of Directors of the Lodge's Credit Union. For all his work on behalf of FDR Lodge, he has been Honored as the Man of the Year and presented with Life Membership.
He has served as Chairman of the Grand Lodge Insurance Committee since 2003. He was elected as Grand Outer Guard at the 139th Grand Lodge Convention in 2007. He is currently Chairman of All Chairman, Chairman of the Budget Committee, Community Involvement Committee and has been a Co-Chairman of Humanitarian Fund, He also serves on the Membership, Diabetes Research Association Planning, Sports Committees, Law, Youth Commission, Morris Smoller Fund, Ritual as well as serves on the Board of Directors of the Associated Health Foundation and a is member of its Executive Committee.
Craig Lives in Little Neck, Queens with his wife, Amy. Collectively Amy & Craig have Daughter Nicole and Son Matthew ( a Member of FDR Lodge).

Grand Vice Chancellor Phillip E. Feigel

GVC Phillip E. Feigel, a native of Brooklyn and a 1976 graduate of Brooklyn College (B.A. in Communications and English), joined Orient Leader Lodge # 473 in 1975, sponsored by his dad, Arthur.
Phil became active immediately, as editor of "The Observer" and participating on the lodge's bowling and softball teams. He transferred to Bon Amis-Eiseman Lodge #745 in 1979 ( became Genesis Lodge in 1985) in Brooklyn. Again, he became their editor and ascended the chairs, becoming Chancellor Commander in 1984. In 1987, Grand Chancellor Nat Alters appointed Phil a Deputy Grand Chancellor from the 75th (Diamond) District. In 2011, Grand Chancellor Robert Kaufman appointed Phil an Assistant to the Chief Deputy Grand Chancellor. Phil has served on the Humanitarian Fund and is co-chairman of Ritual. He has served as Master at Arms of the Golden Spur team for 33 years, participating in more than 50 Golden Spur ceremonies.
Phil was employed by New York City Transit for 27 years, retiring as a Senior Superintendent, responsible for fare collection, station cleaning and maintenance. He was a first responder on September 11, 2001, evacuating trains and stations and managing the clean up and return to service of lower Manhattan stations. Phil is proud to be a Life Member of Genesis Lodge since 1993, Financial Secretary of Franklin D. Roosevelt Lodge and a member of Majestic Lodge and Harmony Lodge.

Grand Master At Arms David Stanger (with PGC Craig Shink)

David Stanger served as Chief Deputy Grand Chancellor under then Grand Chancellor Craig Shink. (watch for more details

Imperial Ikfir, Order of Knights Khorassan Sir Michael Sukenick

PDSC Sir Michael Sukenick is a 2nd generation Pythian who joined New City/Orangetown Lodge #854 in 1987. After going up the chairs, he became the Chancellor Commander of the Lodge from 1994-1995. His Lodge honored him by presenting him with the Pythian Award, the Award of Merit, the Distinguished Service Award and the Knight of the Year Award, to name a few.
During 1995-1996, he was President of the 72nd District, where he helped raise funds for their Pacemaker Fund and served on various District committees. In 1996-1997, Michael became Deputy Grand Chancellor under Sir David Applebaum. A few years later, he was Assistant Chief under then Grand Chancellor, Sir Joseph Frieman. Michael is a charter member of Habibi Temple, and is a Past Imperial Representative of the Temple.
In addition to his term as Grand Chancellor, Michael has served as chairman or member of several Grand Lodge Committees, such as Humanitarian Fund, Public Relations, Planning Commission, Ritual Instruction, Camp, Diabetes and Membership. Michael was the recipient of the Sir Stanley Brown Award. He has been recognized with a citation by the town of Oyster Bay, for his work as co-chair of Coats for Kids.
Michael is married to his lovely wife, Rita, for 37 years. They have 2 children, a Pythian son, Scott, and a daughter, Bari. Scott and his wife, Ronit, blessed Michael with his first grandchild, David. Bari is engaged to Benjamin, who is also a Pythian.

Imperial Adool, Order of Knights Khorassan Sir Roger Siegel (Come back for more information).

Past Deputy Supreme Chancellor Sir Roger Siegel

Past Deputy Supreme Chancellor Allan Greenberg (Come back for more information and pic).

Past Supreme Rep Sir Jordan Levy (Come back for more information and pic).

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